This website located at is owned by The Jordan Nwora Foundation (JNF), an organization established in the United States of America (USA) and created by Jordan Nwora, a professionnal basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the USA.


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The Jordan Nwora Foundation (JNF) is established in the USA to raise funds through public and corporate donations for the development of sport in America and abroad. Regarding laws and legal regulations, donations to JNF may be tax deductible.

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of our website, including registering project or personal fundraising pages and making donations. They should be read in conjunction with our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy .  Use of the website signifies acceptance of the Terms and Policies, and an awareness of that Policy and Information, specified in these documents.


Donations to the JNF:

  • must be voluntary
  • must be unconditional
  • must not be the result of a contractual obligation or pre-existing agreement including an invoice
  • are non-refundable
  • are not subject to GST

Donors may nominate a JNF registered organisation or project as the preferred beneficiary (Beneficiary) of their gift. While donors cannot insist the JNF direct their donation to a specific organisation or project, discretionary grants are made by the JNF to registered projects taking into account donor wishes.

Grants issued by the JNF to a Beneficiary are for the benefit of the organisation or club as a whole or, if the Beneficiary is a specific team within the club or organisation, must be allocated to benefit all team members equally.

Donors or their associates* must not receive any material benefit, advantage, right or privilege (apart from tax deductibility), nor act on an expectation that a material benefit, advantage, right or privilege will be returned to him or her or any of their associates in return for their donation (apart from tax deductibility).

For donations of $5 or more, an official JNF receipt will be forwarded to donors by email (or by mail where no email address is provided) for taxation purposes.

All claims for a tax deduction are subject to being accepted by the US Taxation Office, who can be contacted for professional advice if either an individual or business is uncertain of their taxation position.


Because the JNF is fully self-funded, we need to retain a small amount of all donations to support our work – including providing tax deductible fundraising capabilities for the benefit of the sporting community, and providing support to sporting and community groups in connection with their fundraising efforts. Our role also includes promoting sport as a philanthropic cause and educating people about the importance of sport in the community and the need for grassroots financial contributions.

The amounts retained by JNF are as follows:

  • 5% for all online donations
  • 6% for all manual donations

Credit card donations can be made with VISA, MasterCard or AMEX. These cards attract transaction fees as follows:

  • 1% for VISA or MasterCard
  • 2% for AMEX

In accordance with Clause 1 above, all donations are non-refundable. However, where unauthorised use of a credit or payment card is reported to your card issuer and the unauthorised nature of that use is accepted, then the donation will be refunded unless it has already been granted by JNF to the relevant Beneficiary.


On registering your organisation, project or personal contact page with the JNF, you will be invited to create a password to protect your account. You are responsible for keeping this password safe and must not disclose your login information to any third party. If you believe or suspect that unauthorised use of your login information has taken place, please notify us immediately by contacting us by email.


JNF accepts no liability for acts carried out by any person using personal login information, and you indemnify JNF from any costs, expenses or damages paid or payable by the JNF in connection with any such misuse.


For the purposes of these Terms, Intellectual Property Rights (IP) means all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to:

  • patents, copyright, rights in circuit layouts, registered and unregistered designs, registered and unregistered trademarks, know-how and the right to have confidential information kept confidential; and
  • any application or right to apply for registration of any of the rights just referred to.

JNF owns or has the right to use all IP reflected on the JNF website. Organisations or individuals using the website must not assert any ownership or rights in respect of the IP. Reproduction of material on this website is restricted to use to promote fundraising for sport, or for personal non-commercial use, and can be carried out provided the material is not altered in any way.


JNF will make reasonable efforts to maintain the performance and availability of its website, including Organisation or Project fundraising pages and Personal Pages. However, JNF cannot and does not guarantee continuous operation of the website or the integrity of the data stored or transmitted in or through the Internet.


The JNF is committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place appropriate measures to safeguard and protect the information collected online via our website. These measures include electronic, physical and managerial processes.

Use of this website is subject to our Privacy Policy, details of which can be accessed here.

*The definition of associate is very broad but includes relatives, companies which you and/or your associates control, partners in a partnership and spouses of those partners, as well as beneficiaries with an interest in a trust. This list is not exhaustive and is a guide only. Please refer to legal regulation texts for the complete definition of associate relating to donations.


Where a donation is made to the JNF and the donor provides insufficient information concerning their own identity and/or the identity of the preferred beneficiary, JNF will take reasonable steps to identify the donor and/or beneficiary.  If the donor and/or beneficiary cannot be ascertained, JNF will hold the donation open for a period of 60 days to allow appropriate details to be provided.

At the end of this period, any such donations that remain unallocated will be allocated to a JNF program. Once a donation has been allocated to a JNF progam, it cannot be reallocated to another beneficiary, even if donor/beneficiary details are subsequently provided.

The current Terms & Conditions may be subject to changes without notice. JNF will strive to inform visitors, users, donors, partners and other third-party of any change of the terms and other statements.