Preparing the JNF Elite Basketball Camps 2021

Organizing basketball camps of this scope and magnitude is quite an undertaking. JNF was interested in giving back, and wanted to start as early as possible. With this in mind, JNF sought the help of FIBA and the Basketball Federations of 7 African countries. These connections allowed JNF to plan locations and have commitment/staffing “on the ground”. Plans were developed for 4 host countries, with camps in 7 different regions to allow participation from all the countries involved.

Bearing in mind the current pandemic situation, camps had to be organized around COVID precautions to assure camper, coach, and staff safety. The original plan had the camps each containing 100-150 children. This plan was scaled down to 75 campers each in order to assure that the camps would be able to meet sanitation and spacing needs. All camp participants and staff will be required to wear provided masks and utilize hand sanitizers. The goal is to be able to have camps that are both fun and safe.

Campers are expected to enjoy three days of basketball skills and drills, in addition to regular lessons in life skills that can be applied daily. Lessons will be both in person and via video conferencing, where available. Each camper will be provided with reversible uniforms, t-shirts, and shoes that have been generously donated.

Overall, we look forward to an exciting camp experience. Campers will leave the camps with new friends, new skills, and new experiences.